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Assembly & Industrial services

An inherent part of our portfolio is assembly, disassembly, integration of equipment and industrial services in the factory. We specialize mainly in the automotive industry. We design and assemble customized solutions in production lines and manufacturing according to specific customer requirements. We supply and modify serial equipment in production, auxiliary and safety equipment, air pipes, etc. We also provide works on platforms and work at height in industrial plants.

We offer:

  • Assembly / Disassembly
  • Equipment installation
  • Conveyors
  • Manipulators
  • Safety barriers and fences
  • Ventilation
  • Work at height
  • Maintenance

Installation and integration of equipment

Have you purchased a machine from abroad and need to put it into operation? Our team can handle it easily! We provide equipment transport, preparatory work, assembly and programming. We will prepare technical documentation for the equipment and provide protective barriers in order fot the equipment to meet all required standards.

Industrial work

Every production, either after a certain amount of time or when transitioning to a new product, must undergo interior changes and alterations or rebuilding of equipment. Our offer of services includes complete programming, electrical works, maintenance and demolition works. We also work at height on high-lift platforms. All our employees are trained for this work and have all the required permits.

Safety barriers and fences

Most of the companies put safety of the employees on the first place. The employer is responsible for their safe working environment. Especially in automated production, using industrial robots, it is necessary to use protective fences. We offer design and installation of safety barriers, steel fencing from the modular system, protective fencing based on aluminum profiles and other. All of our solutions comply with EN standards and are of maximum strength. Moreover, they do not need to be surface treated.


We can handle any installation, maintenance or welding!

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