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Automation & Robotics


Industrial automation is currently one of the basic elements to speed up and improve production. The team of our experts executes projects according to individual customer requirements, in the form of a complete delivery, which includes planning, designing, production and assembly to the actual starting and handing over the machine to the customer. Our job is not finished with this step. We provide reliable maintenance, fast and high quality services. Our portfolio includes the production and modification of fixed automation systems such as single-purpose machines, as well as programmable automation systems used mainly in car production such as robots. Their actions and functions can be easily reprogrammed when transitioning to a new model or when used elsewhere.

We offer

Single-purpose machines

 Nowadays, automated production machines are common in every modern manufacturing company. They speed up, improve and simplify the production process. The great advantage is the ability to work 24 hours a day and minimize human failure. We can use them for thousands of operations in every factory or automated operation such as pressing, hardening, assembly, quality inspection and many more. Production and modernization of single-purpose machines is our main business. We need only the basic information from the customer. The main information is what the machine should do and we will ensure that it fits perfectly into your production process.

In addition to our own solutions, we use components and software from world-class manufacturers such as Siemens, Allen-Brandley and Schneider electric. Their use depends on the situation. Some companies use one brand of software throughout their entire production and we can perfectly match that requirement. Declaration of conformity and audit report are issued to all our devices.

In complex solutions, we combine single-purpose machines with robots, which serve as support for handling, loading, placing, sorting and in some cases for operating the machine.


Design and types of single-purpose machines

We design several types of equipment according to their purpose in production. They either work independently or be a part of complex production lines. When designing the machine, we consider the required performance, weight and quality criteria. Either lighter aluminum or stronger steel constructions are used.

Press machines

A large amount of energy is required for pressing. Our machine can do it accurately and quickly, while minimizing the number of faulty pieces.

Hardening equipment

Hardening of components is used in almost every production process. Precise timing, high temperature and subsequent rapid cooling increases the hardness of the manufactured product. This process cannot be avoided without automated machines that guarantee the accuracy of the process.


Are portable devices that perform some kind of operation such as cutting or trimming.

Assembly stations

 Simplify and speed up assembly of a part or a whole product.



These are handling devices that usually work in multiple axes. They are used when handling parts that are too heavy for a person or in cases where we cannot grab the part or place it properly.

Quality control stations

 With our equipment we can monitor the product quality, measure dimensions, shape accuracy and other product properties. The machine can automatically discard the faulty piece or send it for further machining

Test Stations

Final quality check is very important. Our machines can automatically test the finished product to reassure the manufacturer that it meets the standards and can be delivered to the customer. The quality can also be supported by a certificate.

Robotized workplaces


The basis of the robotized workplace is a powerful industrial robot. It can work autonomously as a human hand, it can grab tools, parts or ,,pick and place´´ products. Its advantages are high reliability, speed and long-term durability. It is universally applicable to a variety of operations in various industries. It has a huge programmable range and can be placed anywhere in the manufacturing process. Robots are often used in places with poor working conditions for humans, such as concentration of chemicals, inappropriate temperature or dusty environment. We can perfectly synchronize them with other devices and equipment. We use only quality and proven components from companies ABB or Omron. When choosing them, we also care about easy maintenance.


We use industrial robots for:

  • Handling heavy objects
  • Machine tool operations
  • Welding and painting products
  • Assembly operations
  • Measuring and testing

Conveyor systems

The production and automated operation must have reliable logistics of parts and products within the operation premises. In our portfolio of conveyor systems you will find standardized conveyors made of modular systems from the brands Bosch, Rexroth, VarioFlow, Flex Link and others. Their advantage lies in simple and quick assembly, the possibility to choose from a wide range of parts and also in an interesting price. However, the properties of transported materials or the necessary dimensions of conveyors are often too unique and therefore we also offer special custom made conveyors. We design them for production process as well as warehouse operations. We deliver them together with the software as automated or with electrical control. The conveyors are equipped with a reliable identification system, which secures much better overview of material position or its storage.

Position of conveyors

The conveyor enables moving, sorting, accumulating or changing the direction of materials and products. In addition, it is possible to perform some manufacturing operations such as assembling or packaging the product directly on the conveyor. Therefore, its location and height may vary. Conveyors can be mounted directly on the ground, overhead or with variable height. The location of the conveyor also depends on the characteristics and weights of the material being moved and the operating areas. We always design the conveyors so that the transfer is efficient and the conveyor takes up as little space as possible.

Did you know that a properly designed conveyor system can save you a lot of time and money?

Do you want to find out how much you can save by upgrading your conveyors? Don´t hesitate to contact us.

Roller conveyors

 are the most widespread, they use stainless steel, plastic or steel rollers, which are treated by galvanizing or plasticing. They are primarily intended for the transport of pallets, cardboard boxes and products stored on solid supports. The closer the rollers are, the smoother the movement of the products. They can be driven electrically or mechanically. The route may also include curved sections.

Belt conveyors

are used when the product should overcome an incline or a slope. We can transport solid or loose materials. Belt conveyors are driven by an electric motor.

Chain conveyors

are always electrically driven. They are used to transport solid or loose materials while moving smoothly. They are highly reliable and quiet. They are equipped with endless chain, which allows the transport with curves.


Overhead conveyors

 are designed to move exclusively piece materials. They are used for difficult lines with horizontal or inclined sections.

Special conveyors

are a group of conveyors that allow some operations to be carried out directly on the conveyor, such as changing the direction of the material, packing, dividing or sorting of products. These include turntables, inverters, intersections, etc.

Types of conveyors

We choose the exact type of conveyor based on the method of transport. We design conveyors that use electrical or kinetic energy such as mechanical, pneumatic or gravity based. Furthermore, the conveyors are divided according to the design of the parts that move the product. The most used types are roller and flat belt conveyors. However, we also offer chain, slat, plate and other. Individual technical parameters of these parts such as roller spacing, width and type are determined according to customer requirements, character of transported products and already installed conveyor systems to which we will connect to.


Design of conveyors

We offer a wide range of conveyor systems design. The carrier parts of the conveyor are made of aluminum profiles or steel construction, which is either made of stainless steel or surface treated. Conveyors can be small and narrow in size, but also large enough to transport heavy products. With overhead conveyors even products weighing several tons can be transported.

Programming PLC and HMI


Our portfolio also includes industrial programming of production equipment and systems. In addition to programming new devices, we can also upgrade program of existing devices according to customer needs. We program equipment systems from world producers such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Schneider electric and others. We also offer standart PC programming in C++ and Javascript software, which can be part of automatized workplace.

PLC is a computer which can control work of small devices or large production lines.

HMI visualizes the process for equipment operators. It allows easy control of a machine in cooperation with the PLC and displays the current status of the workflow of the device.



For our clients we provide complete warranty and post-warranty maintenance for all services and products. We provide warranty service for all production and material defects of components and for the proper functioning of the whole device. We take full responsibility for the warranty period that begins on the day of sale. In the event of problems or troubleshooting  of the machine, the customer is entitled to have the device repaired or replaced free of charge within the warranty period. Within the post-warranty maintenance, we ensure availability of spare parts to ensure trouble-free functioning of the  machine you can rely on for years.

Complex solution

We design, build and install custom engineered solutions for all your production processes and needs.

Placing the order

The customer provides us with the necessary information about the device or the problem. The most important thing is what the device should do.

Planning and designing

We will prepare a comprehensive 3D solution that is consulted with the customer and plan the entire delivery process.


We produce the device according to the approved design from exclusively high quality components withing the shortest period of time possible.


Using PLC programming, we will set every device operation to perfection. Automated machines are fast, accurate and extremely reliable.

Starting and testing

After completion of the device, its turn for starting and testing of all of its operations.

Delivery and assembly

The delivery also includes assembly at the customer’s property. We will demonstrate the equipment to the authorized employees, train the required staff and eliminate the very flaws.


During the first days after delivery, we are available at your workplace if necessary to make sure everything runs smoothly.


We keep long-term relationships with our customers and our services are far from over after the assistance. We guarantee reliable warranty and quality long-term maintenance.

Do you need custom solution? Make an appointment with our expert.

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